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Top 12 Medical Podcasts You Need to Listen To Keep Your Mind Sharp

Learning should never stop. If you’re a doctor, nurse, or healthcare marketing agency looking to expand your knowledge and grow your expertise, then you’re definitely on the right page as we’ve selected the top 12 medical podcasts you need to listen to on a daily basis.

Just like an apple a day keeps a doctor away, so does listening to one (podcast) episode per day keep ignorance at bay.

But enough with the rhyme, look at the time!

What are Medical Podcasts and Why Listen to Them?

Medical podcasts are podcast shows that center around topics from the medical industry.

These can include standard topics like wellness, health, breaking medical news, expert discussions, and also patient success stories.

But they can also be about how to keep a medical business profitable within the competitive healthcare niche; or how to go above and beyond in servicing clients and without breaking the bank.

Or how to take smart vacations as a practitioner so your business grows while you’re getting tanned.

The main reason why you need to listen to medical podcasts is that you want and need more knowledge; with more knowledge, you will make better decisions which will reflect in you having more success.

Also, your competitors are probably educating themselves too, so you can’t risk falling behind too much.

Finally, it’s just smart usage of your time. It’s insanely easy to combine a morning gym workout with an episode from some decent medical podcast, and then you get the double benefit of training both your biceps and your brain.

It’s a win-win.

Below are the 12 best medical podcasts on the internet today.

Let’s start with…

#1- 2 Docs Talk

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2 DocsTalk is a popular medical podcast run by co-hosts Kendall Britt, MD, and Amy Rodgers, MD.

Their show is geared towards regular people in the sense that most folks (who’re almost always clueless about medicine) can listen to it and still understand a lot and learn something new.

The show covers a whole variety of topics, from how to treat an opioid addiction effectively, to the common pitfalls and problems of the US healthcare system.

The average episode duration is just ~15m and you can listen to their latest one here.

#2- Patient Convert Podcast- Healthcare Marketing Podcast

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Patient Convert is a healthcare marketing podcast that brings interviews, top medical marketing strategies, and breaking news to help healthcare providers have thriving and growing businesses.

Same as the previous entry, this podcast is also led by co-hosts and co-founders Kelley Knott and Justin Knott.

The humor and chemistry between them make each episode a treat to listen to, but probably the best ones are those where they bring in successful healthcare executives to talk about the exact strategies they deployed to bring them success.

Listen to their latest episode here, and I promise you won’t be disappointed and you’ll learn something new.

So It’s a double promise.

#3- The #HCBiz Show

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The #HCBIZ Show medical podcast is both informative and practical for people from the healthcare industry. 

The show is hosted by Shahid Shah and Don Lee and they discuss topics like healthcare quality measurement, patient safety vs patient satisfaction, value-based healthcare, and even complicated and dry topics like healthcare information technology get their fair coverage.

This podcast is geared more towards healthcare marketers and professionals and is not suitable listening material for laymen and laywomen who just want to educate themselves about health.

But if you’re a healthcare leader and executive, #HCBIZ might be your cup of tea.

You can find their latest episode here.

#4- The Dentalpreneur Podcast

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As I’m sure you can easily guess, The Dentalpreneur Podcast is topically tilted towards the dental health industry and the show’s format is a dialogue between the host and their guests, most of whom are dental industry pioneers.

That said, If you’re a regular listener (not a dentist) fascinated by dentistry, this show is not for you and you will be bored before you can say scaling and root planing.

Dentalpreneur podcast’s target audience is owners of dental businesses, specifically those who want to learn how to scale their business while keeping their sanity (so I guess every business owner?).

Some of the topics discussed are how dentists can achieve productive and sustainable work-life balance; how to remove patients’ fear of dentists by educating them; how and when to take a vacation; and how not to find ruin when they come back refreshed and ready to go at it hard.

If you’re a dentist looking to get more out of your business and life, then this show is your cup of tea, unsweetened of course as sugar eats through teeth enamel and causes caries.

Listen to Dentalpreneur here!

#5- Outcomes Rocket

Image source

Outcomes Rocket is a medical podcast that isn’t afraid to cover the most controversial topics and pose the toughest questions the health industry has to offer.

But they don’t just pose the questions. They also do their best in trying to answer them.

This is done through a dialogue between the host (Saul Marquez) and his renowned expert guests.

There are hundreds of aired episodes by this point, but some of the topics covered are:

  • Revolutionizing the way people view and experience cancer treatment;
  • Doctors in rural Africa- hardships and lessons learned;
  • Use of AI for patient diagnosis and treatment management.

The episodes are fairly short (on average ~30m) and listening to Outcomes Rocket is a no-brainer if you want to boost your knowledge and have some fun doing it.

Find their latest episode here.

#6- Docs Outside the Box

Image source

Hosted by Dr. Nii Darko, Docs Outside the Box is not yet another run-of-the-mill medical podcast.

This one is different as Dr. Darko quite often brings true healthcare leaders and field pioneers to talk about innovative ways to break through the current limitations in the healthcare industry.

As such, some of the episodes are super interesting, but not really practical as the stuff discussed there is so new and nowhere in use that it’s mostly theoretical at that point in time.

However, these episodes are perfect if you want to get pumped for the bright future of healthcare.

Also worth noting is that some of the episodes are not strictly about some medical topic, but verve into psychology quite a bit.

For example, one episode talks about the psychological weight of debt and whether one should strive to pay off debt as soon as possible or keep a moderate pace of removing debt while also enjoying life to the fullest.

And another episode talks about the effect of quitting social media for full 30 days and the health benefits that came from taking that drastic move.

Docs Outside the Box in general is interesting to listen to and well worth your time and attention.

Find their episode archive here.

#7- 10 Minute Healthcare Marketing Podcast

Image source

Having “10m” in the title really gives it away. The episodes are all roughly 10m long.

And also containing “healthcare marketing” is a dead giveaway that this podcast is topically geared towards healthcare industry marketing, and as such is an excellent choice for marketers who want to grow their client’s businesses.

The show covers topics like PPC, SEO and social media for the healthcare industry, plus everything in between.

10m Healthcare Marketing podcast is pure gold for marketers looking to gain an edge over their competitors.

Listen to their newest episode here.

#8- Digital Health Today Podcast

Image source

Digital Health Today is a podcast that covers the hottest topics in the healthcare industry, and also one where CEO’s, physicians, and even patients talk about their experience with a particular healthcare topic.

Honestly, this podcast is a mixed bag in regards to their topic choice.

For example, when a successful cancer recovery patient talks about how they beat cancer by combining chemo and nutrition, that’s an enticing story of human triumph against a deadly disease that keeps people glued to their seats the entire time.

But when a medical AI expert talks about his new device that does X, you kinda get lost as it’s basically like speaking in Klingon to those who’ve never even seen Star Trek, let alone bothered to learn that fictional language

I don’t advise listening to that type of episodes while driving as you’ll quickly fall asleep and then mayhem will ensue.


Listen to their new episode (while in the safety of your home) here!

#9- Doctor Paddy Barret Podcast

Image source

In his podcast, Dr. Pady Barrett brings renowned guests like Deepak Chopra, Eric Topol, Barry Schwartz, and others to talk about how to optimize life so that you live longer and live happier.

They call it “lifespan optimization” and it’s broadly divided into:

  • Tips on how to live longer;
  • Tips on how to live healthier;
  • Tip on how to have a more meaningful life.

The podcast episodes are fairly short and easy to listen to, and generally a good intro to medical podcasting for novice listeners.

If you’ve never listened to a medical podcast before, this is the show to get started with and you can do it here.

#10- Mad Tech Gurus

Image source

Unlike the next medical podcast on this list which is all about the patient, Med Tech Gurus is a medical podcast dedicated to helping medical device executives stay on top of their industry. 

If you’re a medical leader looking to commercialize new devices and products, grow your sales team, improve clinical performance or set up national accounts, then this podcast will definitely help you.

Each episode brings a new thought leader to discuss topics like: 

  • device launches, 
  • emerging technologies, 
  • biotech, 
  • innovation, 
  • supply chain, 
  • patient outcomes, 
  • group purchasing organizations, 
  • value analysis, 
  • and more.

Honesty, this is one of the hardest podcasts to get into as it’s so niche and technical compared to the others.

Still, you can check it out here!

#11- Out of Patients

Image source

Matthew Zachary is an award-winning host whose episodes have been downloaded more than 4 million times.

Every Tuesday and Thursday he and his guests talk about hot topics in the healthcare industry while taking particular care to make each episode as accessible as possible.

So, his episodes are jargon-depleted, which is good as almost anyone can follow along effortlessly.

Matthew is also a fun host who’s not afraid to slip in a corny joke or two amidst all the serious talking.

It’s part of his podcast’s charm, and it works surprisingly well as it’s so unexpected that you simply have to smile, even on corny jokes you’ve heard a million times before.

Out of Patients is one of the most accessible shows on this list of top medical podcasts, and is perfect for newbies who want to get into the weeds, but don’t want to get burned out and disappointed as they realize they don’t understand a thing.

Check it out here!

#12- Healthcare’s MissingLogic

Image source

Healthcare’s MissingLogic is a podcast for healthcare leaders who are tired of wasting resources, money, and most importantly, precious time on the perpetual and recurring healthcare problems, or on “tried and true” fixes that always fail.

Co-hosts Michelle Troseth and Tracy Christopherson are medical veterans with over 60 years of combined experience, and their goal as podcast hosts is to establish a high-performing and thriving work culture where practitioners are happy, and patients are healthy.

Tune in to hear them and their guests use the polarity model of thinking on how they plan to achieve this. 


Multitasking is bad for productivity and science has disproved the multitasking myth again and again.

However, some rare forms of multitasking are just plain smart.

Gaining new knowledge while walking, running, exercising, or standing in line anywhere is one of them.

If you’re a doctor, nurse, health marketer, or anyone else, and you wish to boost your knowledge so you can make better decisions and experience better outcomes, medical podcast binging is the right step to take.

Start with the 12 top medical podcasts in this list post, and you won’t regret it.

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