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12 Amazing Podcast Covers & Logos within the Healthcare Industry

A well-designed logo and image can do wonders for your brand and to help you reach a wider audience. You may think a podcast is not visual content since it’s audio-based but having great branding on any platform is crucial.

Whether you’re just starting or creating a podcast as an extension of your business, a cover design that projects who you are will draw more clients in. 

Podcasts, being audio-based content, should engage the user from the beginning, this happens through your podcast cover image and logo design. Since people are only getting that one visual it must be effective and convey the right message. 

If you can create a unique design that portrays your personality, or the podcast theme, users will reach for your content. 

In this article, we’ll go through 12 health-related podcast cover images and designs to showcase how you can create yours and be effective. 

We hope you find some inspiration here. 

Let’s begin!

1. Hurdle Podcast


Hurdle is a wellness podcast where host Emily Abbate interviews people on how wellness has helped them overcome obstacles and tough times. We can see the first letter is crafted to resemble a hurdle typically seen as an obstacle in horse competitions, which makes a direct reference to the name. Emphasizing the letter “H” references the health-themed approach. 

Key Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

The comprehensive logo image emphasizes the podcast’s name

● The accent color gradient adds to the soft and casual feel

● The main element of the logo design is incorporated into the name’s first letter

● The use of different fonts adds to a playful and young image

● It transfers easily into social media platforms

  • The icon abbreviation can be easily created with the first letter icon

2. Healthcare Weekly: At the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation


Healthcare Weekly is a tech-related podcast that evaluates how the healthcare industry has benefited from technology and where it’s failing. The podcast includes interviews with leading innovators in health technologies like artificial intelligence. 

Key Tech Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • The cover image is very blunt about the theme of the podcast
  • The use of blue references the medical industry
  • The bold font type alludes to the professional and seriousness of the topics discussed in the podcast
  • The technological aspect is obvious with the background image without impeding the clear title

3. MedTech Talk


Medtech Talk is the extension of the Medtech Conference. It generates discussions with leaders in medical technology about the human consequences. The podcast discusses cutting-edge technologies in the industry. 

Key Medical Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • While sticking to a blue-green tone, the lighter hue makes it feel approachable and casual 
  • The graphic is a fun take on the topics that the podcast deals with while remaining professional 
  • The bold font type makes it easy to read and adds a serious element 
  • The icon on the top right is a creative way to emphasize the healthcare industry and the theme of the podcast

4. #HCBiz Show!


#HCBiz Show! is a provocative podcast that explores how and why technology influences the healthcare industry. Despite the casual look of the podcast cover, the topics are profound and well examined. The episodes dive deep into the current obstacles technology in the healthcare industry implies. 

Key Telehealth Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • The use of a hashtag symbol and the business abbreviation instantly speaks of a younger look
  • The bright colors and the graphic use offer an invitation to communicate and participate
  • The “+” icon is an implicit reference to healthcare, easy to understand
  • The small accent blue and green colors are not as obvious as the ones we’ve seen before but still hint at the medical industry 
  • The overall look of the cover image feels modern and updated

5. Bright Spots in Healthcare


Bright Spots in Healthcare is a positive news podcast that highlights technological innovations, and success stories in the industry. He interviews successful industry leaders to present the audience with patterns and recommendations. It is considered one of the most optimistic podcasts in healthcare.

Key Healthcare Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • The use of dark blue projects professionalism, with aligns with the host’s credentials
  • The use of a drawing-type photo adds to the fun and optimist feel of the podcast
  • The font type is well adjusted and plays with the boldness of the words to reference the name in an appropriate manner
  • The podcast cover offers a contrast of seriousness mixed with a laid-back feeling

6. Data Book: Inside Digital Health


Data Book digs into the role of big data in the democratization, of healthcare, diagnosis, security, and privacy implications. The podcast offers a series of interviews with relevant members of the community to offer their opinions on burnout, interoperability, and other relevant topics

Key Healthcare Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • The gradient color in the name offers an inviting look and a modern feeling
  • The use of an abstract representation of data makes it easy for users to know what the podcast is about, whether they’re conscious of it or not
  • The healthcare slips to the second plane of action by remaining in a much smaller font
  • The bold font complements a professional look
  • The use of blue in the healthcare word links the industry to the main title
  • The overall image offers a modern and innovative look

7. Healthcare focus


Healthcare Focus translates complex healthcare topics into approachable and easy to follow. This podcast offers insights into the technological innovations that will impact the healthcare industry. 

Key Healthcare Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • The bright color reflects the podcast’s goal of shining light on information within the industry
  • The lighter yellow in the podcast cover offers a fresh feel
  • The simple design with main text offers a professional and serious image that contrasts with the color used
  • The font types offer a modern look by being presented in different manners, and the boldness of the main title adds to a serious image

8. Faces of Digital Health


Faces of Digital Health tries to keep up with the rapid industry changes. The podcast offers thoughtful discussions with experts and laypeople to explore what is actually happening in the healthcare industry. They go into the new systems, industry reactions, and innovators. 

Key Healthcare Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • As we can see the logo has little to do with the podcast cover. While the bold font type makes it cohesive, the change in colors reflects a different audience as a target
  • The contrasting colors offer a modern and innovative look as it steps away from the classic color pallet, we see in the healthcare industry
  • The bold font type references innovation and disruption, as well as confidence which reflects the host’s solid background to discuss such topics
  • The lack of icons or graphics adds to an elegant and minimal look 

9. Digital Health Today


Digital Health Today is a podcast built on 25 years on the front lines of med tech by the host Dan Kendall who has worked in the U.S, Europe, and the Middle East. The podcast gathers insights from clinicians, patients, inventors, and leaders to offer a perspective on the state of healthcare. 

Key Telehealth Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • The intense blue and black hues present a professional look with a clear hint at the medical industry
  • The photo suggests an invitation making it accessible for users 
  • The bold letters and abbreviation of the podcast’s name indicate an established brand that extends beyond the podcast
  • The black and white in the photograph adds to a professional and serious image despite the smile

10. Healthcare Rap


Healthcare Rap is a disruptive podcast that takes a unique perspective on the healthcare industry by focusing on its technology and marketing aspects of it. Hosted by rapper Jared Johnson and Peter Balistieri who has a career in healthcare PR this podcast offers a fun and dynamic perspective on the industry. They approach topics such as marketing tech, digital health, and branding.

Key Healthcare Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • The podcast cover image takes a completely different approach by using an uncommon image to present the healthcare industry
  • The feel is modern, young, and disruptive
  • The font type offers a vintage, retro feeling that adds to a unique look
  • The use of green hints at the healthcare industry while preserving a modern look

11. Hidden Brain


Hidden Brain is an intriguing podcast that analyzes human behavior. The podcast uses science and sociology to dive into human behavioral questions. It has been recognized for its incisive approach to behavioral foundations. Some of the topics are mass panic, gang loyalty, infidelity, and lying. 

Key Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • The use of all blue and white references the medical industry.
  • The playfulness in the use of color in the letters offers an innovative feeling and reflects the theme of the podcast.
  • The lack of icons or images works in favor of the design by preserving a unique visual that makes the user do double-take on it.
  • The boldness in the font type show confidence.

12. HIT Like a Girl


HIT Like a Girl is a playful name that does some wordplay based on the hosts’ history. They built healthcare IT or “HIT” consultancy. HIT Like a Girl is the key to their branding. The podcast focuses on the critical role women have as Chief Medical Officers and their family dynamics. Their conversations highlight the importance of female voices across the industry. The interviews include influencers, leaders, advocates, and recognized female doctors. 

Key Healthcare Podcast Cover Design & Logo Characteristics

  • The light color palette offers a young and casual feel
  • The bold font type adds confidence to the brand
  • The colors used hint towards a female audience by societal parameters and offer a modern trend
  • The different use of boldness in the name suggests dynamic content
  • The overall image feels modern and minimal

As we’ve seen, podcasts’ cover designs and logos can be very dynamic and can focus on promoting the host or the theme. 

It is important to consider, with podcast covers, that some of them use different cover images depending on the platform they’re in; social media platforms should be targeted differently to be effective. This means you have more possibilities to present or test out a cover design or logo before deciding on one. 

Spotify and Apple Podcasts, for example, usually showcase different images for the same podcast, because the audience is different. It’s important to keep that in mind when thinking about your design, you must cater to the right audience. In addition, when you have a good website design in line with your image, it transmits a sense of identity and recognition.

We can see some choose to step completely outside the standard industry colors to create a unique image. 

Remember, a good brand identity can take your audience to the next level. Don’t waste space in your design, and make sure every element targets a specific quality of your brand. 

Best of luck! 

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