Do You Want To Generate More Leads and Sales Fast?

If so, then pay-per-click marketing is the answer. PPC campaigns are one of the quickest ways to get results. In fact, many businesses have seen their revenue double or triple within months of starting a campaign!


Los Angeles Paid Search Marketing Experts

We are a Los Angeles digital marketing agency that specializes in PPC management for healthcare practices and medical businesses. Our team is made up of seasoned digital marketing experts who have worked with some of the biggest brands and agencies internationally, so you can trust us to get your business noticed online.

Let us take care of all your paid search needs so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business! With our expertise in this field, we know how to get results fast with PPC marketing strategies that work for every budget. Plus, we offer free consultations so there is no risk involved when working with us!

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is one of the single fastest ways to generate leads and sales for your business.

The right Ads and right traffic will boost your online sales significantly with highly targeted search queries that are closer to the conversion stage.
You can measure and track down to the dollar and cent with PPC marketing. Simply combine the power of Google Analytics and AdWords.

You can scale up or down immediately with PPC marketing. Great for testing and seeing what is working and what is not.

PPC marketing and Lead Magnet content go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can quickly fill up your lead funnel with this one-two punch combo.


Are You Tired of Wasting Money on Your Paid Search Campaigns?

You’re not alone. Many companies are looking for ways to improve their PPC performance and increase ROI, but they don’t know where to start. That’s why we offer a free consultation that will help us understand the goals of your business and show you how our team can help get more out of your ad spend. We do this by providing expert management services that include campaign optimization, keyword research, budget allocation, and much more!

If you want to see an improvement in your bottom line then it’s time to call us today. Our team is standing by waiting for you call so we can start improving the performance of your paid search ads right away! Don’t wait another day – give us a call today!


For Every $1 Spent on Google Ads, ICC Has Directly Generated $11.09 in Return


Los Angeles PPC Services That Delivers Results

We include Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in all our PPC services so you get the best results.


Setup & Strategy Consultation

Be there exactly when your buyers are ready to purchase


Ad Review & Optimization

Drive more leads and sales w/ hard hitting direct-response copywriting

off-page seo

Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn that click into a conversion w/ the right keywords and right ads


Remarketing Ads

Get a second or third chance at lost conversions


Product Ads

Research the right keyword to target and optimize


Display Ads

Get a second or third chance at lost conversions


Clients That Trusts Us

Chris S.

As a small treatment center, with a small budget, it is tough to compete with larger rehab brands. However, 12 Steps Marketing has us outranking even some of the biggest players in our industry for tons of keywords.

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Eric B.

Vince and his team provide excellent service and have always gone above and beyond to make sure we have the knowledge we need to do the best marketing we can for our company!

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Like most Los Angeles business, your PPC marketing campaigns are burning through cash like a hot knife through butter.

Truth is, without a high-converting landing page or a proper sales-funnel to squeeze every last drop of value from your PPC efforts, you will continue to burn up cash.

This is exactly why we don’t just fix your PPC campaign.

We’ll make sure everything is aligned from ad copy, sales copy to the landing page is designed to turn your non-paying visitor to sales.

In less than 100-Days, we’ll build a high performing landing page that focuses on conversion and skyrocket your sales and lead generation.

Depending on your vertical and desired growth, our monthly PPC retainer can range anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 / monthly. Which includes full campaign audit, setup and ongoing management. We do not charge initial setup fees like most Los Angeles PPC agencies.

Yes, we’ll absorb all the risks of not forcing our clients to sign a long-term contract but to keep everyone accountable you’ll need to sign a contract. You can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.

We use measurable KPI metrics such as sales, leads, PDF downloads, and phone calls to measure your pay per click campaign performance.

100-Days or less. We’re confident that we can deliver tangible results under 100-days or less from our PPC marketing campaigns.

We’ll come up with a super-charged growth paid search strategy and roadmap to dramatically increase your traffic, leads, and sales and put your Los Angeles business in a position of dominance.

We’ll guide you through this roadmap and quickly build the foundation for your paid search marketing campaign. Uncovering the low-lying fruits and hyper-profitable untapped traffic in your vertical.

Curious about our process or pricing? Need help getting buy-in? Contact us right away — we’d love to help.

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