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Strengthen Your Brand & Your Position in the Market

SEO Services for Hospitals

Strengthen your hospital brand & presence in the search engines with proven and time-tested Search Engine Optimization techniques. Whenever someone in your area looking for a medical service, your hospital will show up at the top results. It’s a great way to make patients aware of your services, as well as generating admissions to boost your revenue.

Whether you want to increase awareness of your medical services in your local area, or you want to grow the number of patients that come through your door, SEO is the most effective and efficient way to do that. It allows you to reach your potential patients and improving the authority factor of your business. Plus, it also helps you increase your ROI.

According to Think, 77% of patients are using the search engine to book an appointment at a hospital. This data shows how important SEO is in today’s world where Digital Channels are already overtaking Traditional Marketing.

While there are other digital marketing methods you could use, but if you’re looking for long-term results that keep producing better results for lower costs, SEO is the perfect method to achieve your goals.

We can offer you an affordable and reasonable cost to help you achieve your desired goals with SEO. Here’s our standards pricing:
  • Basic: $3,500/monthly
  • Standard: $5,500/monthly
  • Premium: $7,500/monthly

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy, which means you won’t get the results you want overnight. The timeline for SEO strategies and projects will vary depending on many factors including your budget, specific needs, and desired goals. The size, vertical, and maturity of your business also factor in significantly.



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Chris Sheehan


As a small treatment center, with a small budget, it is tough to compete with larger rehab brands. However, 12 Steps Marketing has us outranking even some of the biggest players in our industry for tons of keywords.

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Eric Botelho


Vince and his team provide excellent service and have always gone above and beyond to make sure we have the knowledge we need to do the best marketing we can for our company!

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A Professional Website To Match Your Brand

Web Design for Hospitals

Designing a website for hospital and medical organizations could be very challenging. Hospitals often have so much information to present on the web, which could make the visitors feel confused or overwhelmed. Our web designers know how to design a website for hospitals that not only look attractive but also simple and easy to navigate for the visitors.

The design we create for your website will create a good user experience that will make the visitors to learn more about your services. We have a great team of website developers that are specialized in creating a user-friendly website design that looks great on any device.

It depends on your need. If what you need is a quick landing page refresh, we can finish it within less than a week. And if you what you need is a complete website, complete with a new backend marketing automation system, it can take several months to complete the project. Your dedicated project manager will assess your goals and needs and set expectations about how long it will take to deliver on your requests.

We can help you optimize your website for better conversion rates and improve the user experience dramatically to help you get the most out of your visiting traffic.

Pricing will vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. Our standard pricing for full web design and development starts at $4,500 one-time fee and it can go upwards of +$10,000.


For Every $1 Spent on Google Ads, ICC Has Directly Generated $11.09 in Return



Drive More Leads & Admissions

Google Ads (PPC) Management for Hospitals

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is the fastest way to generate leads and admissions to your hospital. However, as you might guess, it’s not easy to create a PPC campaign that can generate the best results possible.

If you do it yourself, you might be spending too much money on bidding on too many high-costing ‘vanity’ keywords that looked promising but are terrible at converting. Most people are losing money when running PPC ads due to this reason.

When you naturally choose to work with us, you’ll have a team of PPC experts helping you create a proper sales funnel and AdWords campaign that will get you the best possible results for every penny you spend.

It’s a model of Digital Marketing, in which you as the advertiser pay a fee for every click you get on the link you advertised. When you search for anything on Google, you might have noticed some websites appear at the top of your search with the word “ad” beside them. That’s an example of PPC ads running with Google AdWords.

Although it might sound simple, the process of bidding on some specific keywords is not as simple as it sounds. It can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. That’s the reason why people choose to work with professionals like us to do the job.

Depending on the target region’s competition and desired growth, we can match with our services. Which includes full campaign audit, campaign setup, and ongoing management. We do not charge initial setup fees like most PPC agencies.
We use measurable KPI metrics such as product sales, online leads, PDF downloads, and phone calls to measure your PPC marketing success.


Solid Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management For Hospitals

Having a good online reputation is important, especially for hospitals. People nowadays tend to search for online reviews first before choosing the place to get medical services that’s the best for them.

That said, it’s important to have a solid online reputation for your hospitals, so all your prospective patients and their loved ones can confidently choose your hospitals and all the services you provide.

67% of prospective patients rely on online reviews to find treatment information and treatment options. Don’t let one negative comment snowball into a reputation nightmare for your practice. Call us today and let us help you protect your good name – and that of your practice – in a way that will draw even more potential patients your way.
Our team will help you spread good words about your hospitals and all the services, community good deeds, experience, and desires to help others with positive patient reviews, important medical facts and information, and otherwise positive information on the Internet.
We’ll work together with you to develop a strategy for dealing with negative comments, and turn them into positive reviews about your business. We do this by responding strategically to negative comments, for example. More importantly, we work with you to identify, address, and monitor the core problems depicted in negative reviews, (such as long waiting room time, poor front desk training, etc.).


10X Your Hospital Traffic Growth

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11 Hospital Marketing Ideas
To Accelerate Growth

Innovative hospital marketing strategies and tips that will help you generate more leads and boost your revenue streams.

Hospital SEO

Use SEO to drives more targeted visitors to your hospital website.

Hospital Web Design

Create an impeccable web design that will create an amazing user experience, which makes people interested to learn more about your business and all the medical services you provide.

Hospital Peer-to-peer Referral

Set up a peer-to-peer referral marketing strategy designed for encouraging all your clinical network to refer patients to your hospital.

Hospital Alumni Marketing

Reach out all your previous patients and keep them in the loop with any new services you offer to potentially gain referrals.

Hospital Reputation Management

Make people trust your business more by encouraging your patients to leave online reviews of your hospital and all the services you provide.

Hospital PR/Media

Traditional media marketing channels such as public relations (PR) or publishers is still a great way for hospitals to boost brand image and establish a solid positive reputation.

Hospital PPC Management

Set up pay-per-click advertisements for your hospital website to generate leads to make your website appear on the top of popular search engines like Google.

Hospital Social Advertising

Run advertising campaigns on various Social Media platforms to raise awareness of your medical services and generate leads.

Hospital Email Marketing

Create emails to market your business, typically consisting of newsletters with updates on the company for email subscribers.

Healthcare Conferences

Word of mouth is a great form of marketing and what better place to do so than at a conference. We can thus help create marketing material to utilize at a conference.

Medical Brochure/Print Marketing

Creating advertisements such as brochures, pamphlets, or direct-mail to your target audience.



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