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The One Content Marketing Technique That Every Rehab Marketer Should Know

There’s no denying it feels great when a piece of content you created picks up hundreds of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

Now, imagine this piece of content was written by expert peers and professionals from your industry and it can genuinely help your audience at the same time.

Inspiring, right?

This is exactly what we do when we publish ‘expert roundup’ blog posts for our clients at 12 Steps Marketing.

With all the news about unethical marketing practices and misleading treatment information trending for the rehab industry, this is exactly the kind of high quality and authoritative content rehab centers need on their blogs and social media.

So, let’s get into details…

What Is an Expert Roundup Blog Post?

“An expert roundup is a type of blog post that features contributions by multiple experts. Typically, the host blogger will provide a compelling question or a topic for discussion and reach out to various experts to share their insights.”

Brian Lang

Now the expert roundup technique isn’t new to the blogging community but is often overlooked by the mental health and substance abuse industries. Considering there are over +20M Google searches when you type in ‘addiction blogs’ or ‘therapy blogs’, you would think more treatment centers are investing into this content marketing technique and using it to connect with industry influencers or build relationships with potential referral sources.

The good news?

With a bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can take advantage of this untapped content goldmine.

Why Is Expert Roundup Blog Posts Effective for Rehabs?

Connecting with Key Influencers & Referrals – Writing an expert round-up blog post is an excellent way to connect with industry peers and building rapport. The practice of collaborating with others strengthens the relationship and in return, they begin to see the benefits of the relationship – i.e. promoting the experts and their blogs, as well as helping your blog. A symbiotic relationship where both sides benefit from the interaction.

A win-win situation!

Referral Traffic – If you pick the right experts for your panel – i.e. experts with a large social media presence or following, someone with a history of creating and sharing great content, they can help you spread the word about your blog post and naturally attract referral traffic from their audience.

Organic Traffic – Think about it. With an expert roundup blog post, the content comes from the experts. Which means you can easily ask these experts to include a blog post link to their ‘Helpful Resource Pages’ on their website. Which will help you rank the expert roundup blog post on Google and get more organic traffic.

Authority Boosting for Rehab Centers – Another benefit of working with industry experts and influential people is it can boost your own rehab’s status by simply associating with them. A treatment center blog that consistently features well-known industry experts is naturally being perceived as a high authoritative content and a valuable commodity.

Professionals love seeing their faces and names in editorial articles titled, “Top Expert…”, so they’re more likely to share it with their social media followers and colleagues.

That’s not all!

Let’s take it a step further by doing this next content marketing technique.

Expert Interview (Video)

One-off Expert Interview

Providing your readers with expert level content is one way to catapult you to the top and gain some recognition. Hosting an online expert interview will skyrocket your rehab’s brand and blog authority.

Like the round-up blog post, you can invite industry experts to an online interview series to answer a series of questions on a given topic. It is important to break down each topic into multiple categories because topical relevancy is great for Google SEO.

The interviewee can spend a few minutes working on each specific answer and showcase their insights. Just make sure the questions are easy, original, and interesting to answer. You want to have these experts come back for another interview, not bore them to death.

Here’s an example of topically relevant questionnaires:

  1. Introduction to Depression
  2. What Causes Depression
  3. Different Types of Depression
  4. Different Types of Medicine
  5. Alternative Therapies

This organic approach gives you and the interviewee, or potential strategic partner, the chance to build rapport, network, and trust.

Another win-win-win situation.

Invite an Expert to Podcasts (Audio)

Invite an Expert to Podcasts

Like round-up blog posts and interviews, podcasts are another type of content that is underused in the addiction treatment industry. Especially for audiences that do not view videos or read blog posts, podcasts are an alternative way to bring your message to a larger audience.

Here’s a couple of benefits that podcasts offer that video and blogging don’t:

Reach People Almost Anywhere – Audio content is more accessible to users than video or blogging for a number of reasons including being able to take it anywhere they want. Listeners can learn while being productive instead of taking away from their daily activities.

Bite-size Snackable ContentPodcasts are a perfect way to create bite-sized content for mobile users. Short and entertaining but packed with high-quality information that keeps listeners begging for more.

You can feature an expert on a topic to have a conversation with and casually address the topic or create a script for an interview. With some creativity, you’ll be able to tap into a brand new audience with diverse interests and across numerous demographics.

Bottom line?

Podcast marketing can boost your authority, attract an untapped audience, and help create and maintain relationships all through people influencing people.

Final Thoughts

Compared to other content marketing techniques, the options we mentioned are extremely affordable with a high ceiling of growth and limited competition for the rehab industry.

Don’t spend too much time fretting over how you’re going to assign resources to reach out to local experts in your industry. The process is extremely simple, and with the right tools, you can reach hundreds and thousands of potential referral sources in just a few months.

Looking for ways to include these content marketing techniques into your marketing strategy? Contact us @ agency12sm.wpengine.com and take the first step towards a more successful business today!

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